She found music through indy rock and weird bands. Then one day she met electronic dance music. Her best friend took her to a dj set by a dj legend named Danny Tenaglia. She moved her feet like she never had before and labeled herself an addict.

Danny Tenaglia introduced her to the dance but it was her responsibility to create her own unique beat to dance to. Eclectic is a cliché way to put her sound, but don’t be surprised to hear some dark techno mixed in with some indy synth pop, a little crystal castles or some euphoric ambience like Isolee in her sets.

Shoddy means shady or badly made in the English language, but in her heritage language, Shoddy actually means happiness. Although her music is filled with bleeps, clicks and dark chugging baselines, you never leave a set without a smile on your face.

Branded a “Minimal Diamond” by Fusion magazine and “Dj Of The Month” by Italy’s Dj Mag, Shoddy Lynn is known for orchestrating a different semi – live set in every show. She proudly proclaims that she never learned how to play vinyl and probably has forgotten how to play a flawless cd dj set. Shoddy Lynn is a child of the new “technologic revolution” of djs. As Sven Vath recently remarked that the new breed of djs don’t play records at Cocoon any longer. Shoddy Lynn is a grand testament of this new generation of techno djs. Whether you like this trend or hate it, it is the future of techno and minimal dance music that no one can deny.

Solid productions and ever-changing live sets with components of traktor pro, Ableton Live, various analog pedals and midi controllers help brand this girl a technological whiz. “The music and programming is what matters” she says and this is properly addressed within the first 4 minutes of any of her sets.

Being one step ahead of the game is how you stay fresh. Shoddy Lynn always looked up to live bands like Soulwax and Crystal Castles. How amazing to be able to play a live show with real time vocals? One Hollywood afternoon party she met Skyler Taugher. They locked themselves up in a dark artist studio for a month and came out with some solid releases. It was a bond that was unexplainable, except through sound. They created a proper balance between the indy pop rock and the dark clangs and clicks of techno. Their sound although is labeled techno, has an unmistakable sense of human touch and “punk” rock aesthetics. 2008 SHDWPLAY was born.

SHDWPLAY is the alter ego of Shoddy Lynn and Skyler Taugher. They have created enough music to put together a 2-disc album within only a few months of working together. Although the music never stops flowing from these two, they believe in quality over quantity. With the support of Minus techno staples like Troy Pierce and dj friends such as Cocoon’s Mike Vath and Lazaro Casanova, they are moving forward in their pursuit of production and live shows. A lifestyle brand, mixed with art, music and fashion is the final goal. SHDWPLAY is one show you can’t keep your eyes off of. Garnering more follower’s everyday, the duo is a cultish addiction and a taste of the new generation of young and talented producer/djs taking over the Techno world. Too young to have ever experienced records in their finest form, they are a cohort of artists that deem themselves “laptop purists.”

Their slogan sums it all up for even the dullest crayon in the box: “if you are going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair” – SHDWPLAY